Feel Free is a personal growth path created by Paola Della Casa and Tyler Micocci.

Paola and Tyler are life coaches guided by their passion to support people in their inner growth, with the aim of helping them in achieving greater emotional, physical and mental freedom.

Feel Free was created to offer emotional support, oriented to listening to the body by implementing a simple and accessible method.

Feel Free experience is suitable for anyone who feels the need to live their life with greater joy and freedom.


It is never too late to find out who you are and be happy.
Between play and teaching, I accompany you on your journey towards a more authentic life.

I guide people towards well-being with Coaching

(in Italian, French and English), Meditation and Core Energetics.

Why did I choose Tyler?
We are friends first, then colleagues. It doesn’t seem like a small thing to me! Our friendship made Feel Free “our” project.


Body, emotions and mind: the search for your truth starts here.

I guide people towards well-being with Coaching

(in Italian and English), Meditation and Kundalini Yoga.

Why did I choose Paola?
She is a strong, but at the same time, a sensitive person. Her passion will guide you to discover your inner power.

3rd - 8th October 2022 • PUGLIA, ITALY

5-day personal growth retreat
A powerful process to reduce the level of stress, learn to manage emotions such as
fear and anger and to find new direction in your daily life.