Core Energetics: the road to happiness

It is only when working through the obstacles in life that the human being can rise to the realms of creation and spirituality 

(Seeds of John Pierrakos words of wisdom)



If you have already heard of it, you will know that Core Energetics is a great way to find the connection with your inner energy and has a fundamental role in the pursuit of personal well-being.

If you don’t know it, don’t worry, because in this article we will explain step by step:

  • what is Core Energy and how it can help you live with more serenity
  • who is the Core Energeticist or Core Energetics Facilitator and what is his / her task
  • the Core Energy approach
  • some historical notes of this discipline of personal growth

Well, let’s get started.


What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics (or Core Energetics) is a way to become aware of the psychological and emotional forces that create blocks in our life, so as to improve the connection with our CORE.

It is not psychotherapy, it is rather an education in reality and inner truth. It is an evolutionary process that helps the person remove the obstacles around their heart.

The Core Energetics is a practice, a discipline, a method, which leads us along a path that has as its destination the deepest core of the human being, where our vital energy, our Core, flows.

The main objective of Core Energetics is to know oneself, find harmony and give meaning to life, because “healing the wounds is not enough to generate true satisfaction” (Pierrakos J.C., 1987).

The real goal is above all to find the happiness that is within us in the form of love.

Difficult to describe, but absolutely recognizable when we experience it, happiness is a feeling of well-being, inner peace, fulfillment, joy, unconditional and universal love. It does not depend on something external, but it is within us.

Getting there on your own, however, isn’t always that easy, right?

This is where the Core Energeticist or Core Energetic Facilitator comes into play.

What Does a Core Energetics Facilitator Do?

The Core Energetician – after a long and rigorous training – is able to accompany a person, not so much to the care or well-being of oneself but rather s in the difficult path of looking deeply.

The Core Energetist aims to support the client in the discovery and acceptance of his own reality, to truly be himself and activate that divine core of life force and energy, that source of wisdom and joy, present in each of us.

The Core Energetics: a creative approach towards harmony with oneself

Through an efficient, creative, fun and also playful method, Core Energetics offers the possibility to face challenging or complex life situations, bringing to light one’s qualities, dynamism and the joy of one’s vital energy.

The work that is done with the Core Energetics is mainly based on a bodily approach, on the expression of emotions and their contextualization through thought, will and spirituality, which are none other than the ability to perceive and experience love in every instant of life, as the basis and guide of our work and our existence.

Our well-being does not come from outside, but from the energies of our inner potential.

Pierrakos focused his attention on the positive qualities that can shine when freed from the layer of negativity that surrounds them.

Likewise, in Core Energetics, it is essential to work on our negativity, always keeping in mind the potential we are all provided with.

To summarize, we can say that Core Energetics is a method of working on the human personality and soul, which explores the being in depth and highlights our shadows.

This exploration takes place thanks to the activation of the broader consciousness coming from the core of the soul and involves all levels: the body, emotions, mind, will, and our spiritual self.

Precisely for this reason, meditation also plays an important role in Core Energetics, as a tool for deepening and connecting with universal energy.

A bit of history! 

The Core Energetics was born from the work of John Pierrakos, an American psychiatrist of Greek origin, recognized worldwide as one of the most important personalities in the history of body psychotherapy and personal and spiritual growth.

Pierrakos was a student and collaborator of Wilhelm Reich (who in turn was a student of Freud and father of body psychotherapy).

In the early 1960s Pierrakos together with his friend and colleague Alexander Lowen created body psychotherapy still known today as Bioenergetics.

Subsequently, John Pierrakos, expanded and developed his research in the psycho corporal, psychosomatic and transpersonal fields, deepening the studies on human energy fields and correlating the phenomena that arise from the dynamics of the personality with the character defenses.

John’s meeting with Eva Broch in 1964, the one who later became his wife, was decisive for the spiritual influence that Eva, leader of the “Path”, shared with John Pierrakos.

It is also thanks to this meeting that Pierrakos founded the Core Energetics, shifting his attention from the analysis of defenses to the development of creativity and the spiritual self.

What is your experience with Core Energetics? Have you ever experienced it, or is it the first time you’ve heard of it? Answer us in the comments!

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Thank you and… Feel Free. 
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