Group Counseling Sessions

What are the benefits in joining the Feel Free Small Coaching Group? 

That’s what we are going to talk about in today’s Feel Free post. Group sessions, as the name suggests, is counseling in a small group, made up of a maximum of 8 participants. It is created for everyone to feel safe, feel supported, and have an opportunity to share and grow together.

Keep reading to find out how it works, and how you can join!


A coaching group is about sharing in order to grow together.

Through the   sessions you will have the opportunity to deepen personal issues and at the same time have a direct and immediate sharing opportunities  with other participants.

You will discover that many of the inconveniences, worries, or difficulties you carry inside are common to many other people as well; and sharing them in a safe space, in respect and privacy, is of great help.

This experience increases your inner strength and your confidence in facing the challenges that life brings you.

A different theme will be discussed during each meeting, always in the context of personal growth.

The sessions have several objectives:

01 – To give the opportunity to think and brainstorm on fundamental issues of inner growth

02 – To offer a safe space in which to expose one’s perception and one’s daily experience

03 – To find  an opportunity for a mutual support in the group, a resource to face your challenges

04 – To receive clarity and tools on how to apply the issues addressed in the group 

05 – To increase the capacity for observation and feedback without judgment and personal projections

06 – To learn how to manage your emotions and improve relationships

07 – To decrease the sense of isolation and rediscover the value of sharing


Each group session goes through different  phases:

  • Welcome and centering exercises, or guided meditation
  • Sharing how we feel in the moment
  • Introduction to the topic of the day: how it manifests itself, how to manage it, what are the benefits when we manage it consciously
  • Work in the “center” with one or more participants. A participant shares his/her experience related to the topic and how they  feel  about it..  The group  counselor then starts an individual work, with the the rest of the participants  observing
  • At the end of the individual work, the trainer explains the choices made in managing the exploration of the experience 
  • Questions and Answers open the sharing to the whole group
  • • At the end, there is always a short moment of meditation

For the success of the experience, we work to develop these fundamental qualities:

  • Presence, Sharing and Holding space  in each meeting
  • Honesty, Openness and Persistence

Respect for confidentiality

  • Willingness to receive and give support
  • Sharing ideas, perceptions and lived experiences


In Feel Free, we organize the group coaching session twice a month and we ask participants to make a commitment for all 6 meetings for a total duration of about 3 months.

Group sessions last 2 hours  on average, to ensure everyone has space for expression and sharing.

Groups have a maximum of 8 people.

We believe it is the right number to take care and give support to all participants. 


The entire cycle of 6 meetings has a total cost of € 450.00. The package also includes a few recorded Guided Meditations, Breathing and Core Energetics exercises to practice between each session: to release physical and mental tensions, increase resilience and groundness, and find inner guidance.

It is not possible to buy single session, but only the entire experience.


Every new cycle starts with  a ZOOM  introduction meeting, which is free for everyone.  We introduce how the coaching group works, what people can expect, we briefly go through the  6 topics and we answer  the questions.

For reference, these are the topics discussed in our last coaching group:

“The inner child”

“Fear in relationships”

“Shame and guilt”

“Abandonment and rejection”


“The strength of vulnerability”

Our next coaching group will be held in Autumn 2022, but we still don’t have a fixed date.
If you are interested in participating, contact us, without any obligation, we will put you on our waiting list. Don’t miss your spot for the next group!


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