A way to recover your emotional, physical and mental freedom
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Three Feel Free pillars of inner growth
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A body oriented work
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An online and in-presence experience of growth
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Feel Free was created to offer you emotional support, with a simple and accessible method oriented towards listening to the body.

With Feel Free we want to help you manage your interpersonal and professional relationships.

We offer you the tools and support to face changes in your life.

We help you to overcome the traumas of the past, to live your present with joy.

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The 3 pillars of Feel Free


Individual coaching sessions


A tailor-made experience aiming at emotional freedom and stability

The individual sessions enable you to understand the mechanisms you tend to activate when you do not feel safe or comfortable.
You will learn to recognise when you tend to use automatic response mechanisms in a timely manner and pretty fast.

In fact, in an individual session, the counsellor will help you to identify new ways of responding to your specific life situations, whether they concern personal, family, professional or common relationships.


Group coaching sessions


Share and grow together for more clarity in your life

You can choose group sessions to deepen personal themes and, at the same time, you can have a direct and immediate comparison with the rest of the participants.

Finding that we share our emotional distress is of a great help. It increases our strength and safety.

In Feel Free, groups have a maximum of 8 people.
We organize it twice a month, with a total of 6 sessions (1,5h each).




An opportunity to unwind and find direction in your life

In the retreat, we will give space to more dynamic practices, such as Yoga and Core Energetics, and spiritual ones such as Meditation, but we will also work on emotions and inner growth.

For these retreats we choose places surrounded by greenery and silence, far from the chaos and routine of every day.

As always, we will also leave plenty of room for sharing.

Move your body,
Feel your emotions,
Free your thoughts

Why work with Feel Free?
If you want more mental, physical and emotional freedom, or if you want to consolidate the freedom you already have: the Feel Free program is the right choice for you.

The promise
We will also guide you along a training course that will allow you to LIVE WITH MORE INNER WELL-BEING.

From the Feel Free experience you will receive: emotional security, mental clarity and a direction towards possible paths for your transformation.
All this, accompanied by effective tools and approaches, is easily usable in everyday life.

What characterizes the Feel Free experience

At Feel Free we believe that the exchange, interaction and support of both facilitators and participants are fundamental.

We have chosen to support our participants step by step on a journey that can be live online, in presence, or both!

Our multidisciplinary method is oriented
towards the relationship
body and mind.
The ability to transform
emotional distress into an
opportunity for growth.

Live your present to the fullest

Learn how to:

Connect with your emotional and spiritual resources, which will help you transform challenges into opportunities for growth

Live your inner space in an authentic way, with the courage to be who you are, without fear of judgment and rejection

Relate with people in a new way, where you feel centered and open, without losing yourself in others or feeling dominated by others

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We offer your first session with Feel Free, free of charge!

e are giving you a free promo code for individual coaching sessions with Paola, and with Tyler (total of 2 sessions, 30 minutes each).

We are convinced that this way you will be able to entrust yourself to us, assess our methods and begin your journey of inner growth.

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