S.H.A.R.E. retreat – October 2022 • Puglia, Italy

After the wonderful Feel Free retreat in Lago d’Orta (Italy) in April, we are happy to propose to you a second S.H.A.R.E. retreat in Puglia (south of Italy) in October 2022.


In this blog, we will explain who can benefit from this experience and what we will do during those 5 days in La Rosa dei 4 Venti retreat center.

There are still spots available for this retreat, so make sure you book on time!

Book your spot here: info@feelfree.training


La Rosa dei 4 Venti retreat center


It is a 5-day personal growth retreat.

An intense and powerful process to reduce the level of stress, learn to manage emotions such as fear and anger, and find a new direction in your daily life by connecting with your inner guidance.


The focus of this experience is a body-oriented work that uses holistic methods such as: Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Core Energetics, and work of exposure through sharing and inquiry (inner investigation).

Our daily classes and group sessions will be focused on going deeper into Self-Knowledge and Self-Care.


During S.H.A.R.E. Retreat, you can choose to spend more time by yourself for a deeper inquiry, or just walk in nature, have a massage, use the pool, and get to know the other participants better.

We always make sure to leave room for what can emerge spontaneously, without ever forcing your feelings in any direction.


This experience is for those who want to increase their ability to be present and let go of the traumas of the past. It is for those who are willing to connect on a deeper level, from a space of authenticity and openness.


La Rosa dei 4 Venti pool

The acronym S.H.A.R.E. consists of 5 fundamental concepts:


Showing up

Introduce yourself and share your experience authentically.

In the path of inner growth, the first step is: “I am here, I am available for this experience, I am committed to sharing honestly, without judgment”.


Honesty with yourself and with others, allows you to establish an authentic connection and make your humanity felt.



Awareness of what we think and do.

Sometimes we move mechanically and respond instinctively. How do we operate? Who rules the scene for us? Are we aware of what we say when we share? Are our behaviors connected to conscious choices or automatic defense actions?



One of the fundamental steps in personal growth is to take responsibility for what we feel. Each of us is a source of inspiration and motivation for each member of the group when we manage to make the transition from feeling victimized to “responsible self”.



Experience as a starting point for one’s evolution.

We can study things, but what makes the difference is experience. Through this path, we want to give you the opportunity to receive and have an authentic experience. 



• How to gain clarity and self-confidence 

• How to manage your stress level in a new way

• How to trust more in yourself and your inner guidance

• How to increase your connection capacity

• How to cultivate somatic intelligence 


You will come home with practical tools to use in your daily life, but we will remain in touch.

We will have 2 ZOOM calls after the retreat, to support you in integrating what you have learned into your life, but there is always an option to continue your journey with us via individual or group online sessions!


Find out more about the retreat here: https://feelfree.training/en/services/share-retreat/

And stay tuned! Soon we will get more into depth about the topics that will be covered in the S.H.A.R.E. retreat!


Feel Free 🙂

Paola and Tyler

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