What is Feel Free — Connecting body and mind?


Feel Free – connecting body and mind – is a personal growth path that supports people in achieving greater freedom of emotional, physical and mental expression.

The Feel Free path takes place through online and face-to-face appointments.

People who experience the Feel Free path learn to:

  • Bring clarity on how to manage emotional and working relationships.
  • Support yourself in moments of life change, in challenging moments.
  • Getting out of emotional co-dependencies.
  • Increase your centering and ability to orient yourself in life.
  • Free yourself from the traumas of the past to be able to live the present with pleasure and joy.
  • Stay open, vulnerable and connected.
  • Keeping Authentic and Strong in every relationship.

    The work proposed in Feel Free is based on conceiving the human being guided by three different intelligences: physical, emotional and mental. For this reason, there are theoretical moments along the path – in which we see how the personality works in contrast to the essence -; there are body work sessions – through Kundalini Yoga and Energy Core exercises -; and there are sessions of meditation and somatic work. And at the end space is always given to group sharing, in which many issues related to relational dynamics are explored.

The Feel Free path takes place with various meetings that proceed gradually in duration, intensity of work and elaboration of contents. Depending on the time you decide to invest in yourself, you can choose to participate in one-hour meetings up to a more complete experience of 5 days.

What does Feel Free offer?

  1. Individual coaching sessions
  2. Group coaching sessions (max 8 participants)
  3. In-person retreat (from 3 to 5 days depending on the theme)


Our goal as Feel Free trainers – connecting Body & Mind – is to accompany and support people in their path of inner growth respecting the rhythm and needs of each one.

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